10 Ways to Keep Your Money Safe While Traveling

December 31, 2019

Whether you’re on a last-minute summer vacation, studying abroad, or just traveling to be traveling, it is always important to keep your money safe. Below are ten useful tips to keep your money and accounts safe while traveling. Bon Voyage!

1. Split Your Cash

You should never keep all of your cash in one place. Splitting it among different suitcases and backpacks can be the best move when traveling. It can also help budgeting your cash out among the days as well.

2. Let Your Bank Know Where You’re Going

Before leaving for any trip away from home, let your bank know. They’ll make sure you can use your card for food, shopping, and ATM withdrawals. If actual fradulent behavior occurs, your bank will be able to block those attempts.

3. Travel With Two Credit Cards

If you are traveling out of the country or far away, traveling with two credit cards is a good idea. If one is compromised or stolen, you’ll still have another one to use.

4. Take Pictures of Your Information

Having pictures of your cards, passport, and ID can help in case it is stolen. Having a copy on you and in your hotel safe can help secure information in case any are stolen. Emailing those pictures to yourself is also encouraged.

5. Use ATMs in Banks

Using the ATMs in banks will deter those with ill intentions from following you to ATMs or watch you try to withdraw cash.

6. Put All Your Important Items in Your Front Pockets

If you have front pockets, put all items with sensitive information in those pockets.  You’ll usually know if someone’s trying to mess with those pockets.

7. Small Purchases With Cash, Larger Purchases With Credit Cards

If you buy larger items while traveling and they are stolen, it’s easy to cancel and / or request a refund for those items.

8. Use Your Hotel Safe

If you are traveling with medication and valuables, keep them in your hotel room safe.

9. Use Google Pay®/Apple Pay®/Zelle®

Safe and tech-savvy, you can almost rid the need of cash altogether with mobile payment methods.  Most banks, Renasant Bank for example, are starting to invest in these services. They protect and make things quicker as well.

10. Use Protective Card Sleeves

Chip embeded debit and credit cards are becoming increasingly popular since they offer more protection. Depending on where you are, some places only accept the chip cards or cash. However, there are still vulnerable to electronic pickpockets so grab a protective card sleeve before you head out.

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