SEC Shorts

SEC Shorts is an online comedy series focusing on the crazy world of college football in the south. * not affiliated with the SEC

SEC Teams go through Drivers Ed
SEC Teams go through Drivers Ed
SEC Teams go through Drivers Ed
SEC Shorts - Big 12 loses Texas and Oklahoma Cast Away Style
Texas Gets Held up at SEC Security
SEC Shorts - Defense Tries to Win Back Ole Miss
Playoff Tells Alabama and Clemson She Wants to See Other People
How Georgia Fans Deal with Hope
Auburn Fans riding the Auburn Fan Experience
How Tennessee Recruits Quarterbacks
SEC teams get their final 2020 season report cards
Alabama fan still wishes they had hired Rich Rodriguez
Notre Dame Joins Playoff Failure Club
SEC Shorts
Playoff Kicks Florida out of the House
LSU's not-so-brave send off to Alabama game
Vandy Provides Safety Briefing
Top Teams Speed Date the Playoff
Teams Get a Medical Check Up
Georgia tries to interrupt Florida's coronation
LSU Is Put on Trial by Past National Championship Teams
SEC Shorts - A South Carolina fan is the scariest 2020 Halloween costume
SEC Shorts - Georgia tries out new virtual head coach. It does not work.
Alabama, Florida, and LSU are forced to attend after-school defensive tutoring
Arkansas "It's a Wonderful Life"
Bruised LSU versus shrugging Ole Miss
PAC 12 guy walking with Big Ten girl
SEC and ACC tshirts
Arkansas and Missouri
Teams Bid Auction Style
SEC Shorts
Talking on old cell phone
Sitting on couch with snacks and blankets
Virtual Reality
SEC Shorts Oklahoma video
UGA and Bama advise LSU
UGA fan in jersey
Bama fan in pain
Tennessee fan beat up
Tua Bama jersey
LSU fan buries Bama fan
Florida fan funeral
LSU Bama horror film
Fan donates ankle to Tua
Georgia fan beaten up
Proud Tennessee fan
Fortune Teller to SEC fans
Disappointed doctors
Florida Delivers Loss
Stadium Speaker
Tennessee fan breaks up with Playoffs
SEC Fairy Godmother
Crying Arkansas fan
Bama Football Fan
Upset Georgia fan
excited auburn fan
Big 10 fan
Excited Texas fan
Wife prospect
Alabama fan in hospital
Clemson fan date with Playofss
Bama and Georgia bedtime stories