In the two weeks since Tera and Wes closed on their dream home, the couple spent most of its time reviewing quotes, bids, and other paperwork, which kept them from diving into renovations. In no time, the Wages family began to feel unhappy with its lack of progress.

So, they made a call for help. Even though they’d planned to do all the dirty work themselves, they knew it’d be best to bring in a contractor to manage the majority of the renovation work.

Now, Tera and Wes can refocus on the details that made them so excited to renovate in the first place. After a few cabinets and walls were removed, the house was ready for big changes that’ll take place under the watchful eye of a family with its sights set on a Christmastime move-in.

Follow along as Tera and Wes transform their house into a home filled with memories and experiences of their own.

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