It’s a demolition party, as the Wages have friends over to help with renovations. The team spends the night enjoying delicious pizza and making a mess (the good kind, of course).

When Wes and his friend, Tucker, return the next day to continue work on the home, they make a few discoveries. Deconstructing a door frame reveals a set of sliding doors partitioning two main rooms, and after pulling apart an old fireplace, they find a slew of old photographs and other mementos that tell the 112-year-old home’s story like it’s never been told before.

Follow along as Tera and Wes transform their house into a home filled with memories and experiences of their own.

Building Us is a 12-part series with new episodes released each Monday beginning April 16. Be sure to tune in each week as we follow the journey of Tera and Wes Wages as they renovate a historic home to make it their own.

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