Introducing Google Pay™ with Renasant Bank

March 28, 2018

Renasant Bank Now Offers Google Pay™

Renasant Bank is proud to announce that Google Pay (formerly known as Android or Samsung Pay) now supports Renasant Bank Mastercard® Debit Cards and Renasant Bank Visa® Consumer Credit Cards. This means all Renasant cardholders can make payments at participating retail locations around the world with their compatible Android device. It’s a fast and secure way to pay that puts you in control of your personal information like never before.

How Does Google Pay™ Keep My Card Information Safe?

Google Pay utilizes multiple levels of authentication and encryption to ensure your information stays safe. When you connect your Renasant Debit Mastercard® or Renasant Visa® Credit Card to Google Pay, it immediately masks your card information with an encrypted number to communicate with most vendors. This way most merchants won’t see your actual card number.

How To Use Google Pay™

To make a payment with Google Pay, unlock your phone, and hold it in front of a compatible card terminal. The app opens automatically, and you will receive an on-screen confirmation when the transaction is complete. You don’t need to enter a PIN, so most payments are complete within seconds. Google Pay is accepted at a variety of major online retailers; so you can use a service you know is secure and trustworthy. For more details, read our full information on using Google Pay with your Renasant Nation account.

Renasant Bank

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Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC.