Renasant Card App

January 31, 2023

The Renasant Card App — Control debit cards, monitor spending, receive alerts and more!

The Renasant Card App puts all the best tools to manage your money right where you want them — in your hand, pocket and purse — right on your phone — all at no charge to you.

See your debit card spending, control your debit cards, manage every dollar, track every dime and always know exactly where your money is with the Renasant Card App.


With the Renasant Card App, you can turn your debit cards on and off, set spending limits, and allow or disallow purchases based on merchant and transaction. Want to allow your cards to be used for gas and groceries but not entertainment? It’s in the app. Just pick and choose in advance.

Self-service saves time

Place international travel notices on your account.* If anything ever happens to your debit cards, whether they’re lost, missing or damaged, report the problem through the Renasant Card App, and replacements will be sent your way. 

Make contactless payments 

The Renasant Card App makes it simple to load your debit card into your phone’s digital wallet, which lets you pay for your purchases by making contactless, digital payments with your phone. It’s safe, secure, and easy.

Track all of your debit card spending 

With the Renasant Card App, you’ll see where your money goes - down to the penny, in real time. Are you getting charged every month for subscriptions you don’t use? Need to know when your next automatic payment is due? Know how much you spent on groceries last month or on gas last year? The Renasant Card App keeps up with it for you.

Guard against fraud

Get the messages and notifications YOU want to receive. The Renasant Card App can alert you to purchases larger than a certain amount, alert you to possible fraud, and follow the usage of your debit card in real time.

Get the Renasant Card App today 

If you already have the Renasant Bank Mobile App, just open it and look for the Renasant Card App inside! If you do not have the Renasant Bank Mobile App, visit the Apple App or Google Play store and search Renasant Bank App. Free to download, free to use, all part of making your mobile banking experience amazing.

*Travel alerts apply to international only at this time.