Top 10 Commercials in the History of the Big Game

January 30, 2018

Once a year, America gathers around the TV to watch the biggest football game of the season. One team is crowned champion, and as can be expected, such a major event leaves big opportunities to do some big-time branding. When millions of people have their eyes glued to the same game, businesses from across the globe go all in for their commercials. It’s a tradition that has risen to almost the same level of popularity as the game itself. Here are some of our favorite ads in the history of the big game.

1. Bai Bai Bai – Bai

The ad doesn’t make any sense—that’s a given—but when Justin Timberlake and Christopher Walken stare in the camera at the exact same time, its hard not to laugh. Don’t ask us why, but this one is a winner.

2. We Are Not Alone – Budweiser

We all know the classic “Wassup” Budweiser commercials from back in the day. When the company decided to revisit the classic ad with a throwback spot featuring a dog-disguised alien, the joke only got funnier.

3. Office Linebacker- Reebok

In this spot, a little bit of football leaks into the commercials in an unexpected way. You know what they say, “if you kill the joe, make some mo.”

4. You’re Not You When You’re Hungry (Betty White) – Snickers

This iconic ad answered the one question we all had on our minds, “Is Betty White still alive?”

5. Pepsi vs. Coke – Pepsi

It’s an ad that will tug at your heartstrings for a moment, only to brutally let you down with a ridiculous (but hilarious) ending.

6. Wasted – E-Trade

Wait for it… Wait for it…. And there it is.

7. The Force – Volkswagen

This Sith-Lord-to-be has no problems with persistence as she tries to channel the Force on a variety of household projects—unsuccessfully, we might add. But when she does see results, it makes for quite a laugh.

8. Where’s the Beef? – Wendy’s

It’s an iconic ad that needs no explanation. You’ve probably used the catchphrase yourself a few times as well.

9. Your Cheating Heart – Pepsi

When a Coke employee gets thirsty for some of his competition, a security camera is there to catch him in the act. As simple as it may be, this ad has stood the test of time and can still deliver some good laughs despite the dated production quality.

10. The Showdown – McDonald’s

Featuring NBA Legends Michael Jordan and Larry Bird, this basketball commercial which aired during the big game made us trade in touchdowns for slam dunks.

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