Top 10 Fall Decorating Tips

October 16, 2018

Fall decorating is finally here! Although the first day of fall is technically September 22, it doesn’t really start here in the South until at least the middle of October. Now that the temperature is falling and leaves are changing colors, we don’t have to feel silly for putting up ALL of the fall decorations. Whether you go for Fall Chic or Stylishly Spooky, here are some tips on how to make your decorations timeless and fun.

1. More than just your average orange pumpkin

Did you know that there are varieties of pumpkins in all different shapes, colors, and sizes? Shake up the traditional orange fall look and go for a fall pastel look with pumpkins in creamy white, mossy green, rose pink, baby blue, and soft yellow.

2. What ‘gourd’ fun!

Instead of going for a fall flower arrangement that will wilt in a few days, try using gourds. You can find these at any grocery store or farmers market in all different shapes and sizes. Put them in a large dough bowl on your dining room table for a centerpiece that is just as colorful as any flower arrangement. PLUS they will last at least a few weeks instead of a few days.

3. Bring the outside inside

Collect vibrant fall leaves to create a piece of art with the kids or trim off some branches with brightly colored leaves to make an arrangement in a tall vase. This is an easy way to bring fall indoors without having to spend any money. Win-win!

4. Painted Pumpkins

What’s fun about jack-o-lanterns that rot a couple of days after being carved? Nothing! Have the kids enjoy a different kind of pumpkin fun by painting them instead of carving them. A Halloween art project that is less messy and lasts longer? Sounds like winning to us!

5. Blooming Pumpkins

Create a beautiful flower arrangement with a pumpkin as it’s base. There are several ‘How To’ videos for the more experienced decorators. Tips to make this project a little easier? Either choose a fall plant that is already in a planter, like fall mums, that you can just drop down inside or build your arrangement out of succulents so that you can easily replant them after the pumpkin rots.

6. Fall Harvest

Looking for a fall decoration theme that doesn’t involve pumpkins? Visit your local farmer’s market for other beautiful fall vegetables to use for display. Some great choices that won’t go bad quickly are corn and gourds. You can also use potted greens, like kale or lettuce, to mix in with your other potted fall plants. Add a bale of hay and a scarecrow if you want to get really campy.

7. Stylishly Spooky Theme

If you want to go for that “stylishly spooky” look, go with a black, white, and orange theme. Get a large variety of orange pumpkins in different shapes and sizes and paint some of them in fun black and white patterns. This is also your chance to bring in some of those spooky elements like spiders, black cats, and witch hats. Use them as small accent pieces to keep things more friendly instead of scary.

8. Mad for Plaid

Nothing screams fall more than lumberjack plaid. Use plaid as an accent in your fall décor. You could wrap plaid material around the base of your potted plants or use some material as a table runner under your fall center piece. You could also wear it yourself for a classic fall look.

9. Antler Season

We know there are some deer hunters out there. Guess what – deer antlers are in style! Antlers can be used in center pieces and floral arrangements to give a more rustic fall look. If you want to make them a little more elegant, you can spray paint them gold or bronze to reflect those fall colors.

10. Bring the smells

When it is still hot outside, but you want to have that fall feeling in your home, autumn scents can transport you to fall days. Turn down your AC, light some scented candles, get under your favorite plaid woolen blanket, and take in all of those fall decorations you have put up. Some of our favorite scents include pumpkin spice, praline pecan, and cinnamon apple.

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