Top 10 Gifts for Father’s Day

June 12, 2018

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate Dad. From sporting events, to giving advice, to telling a classic “dad joke,” he always has your back. Shopping for Father’s Day can be tough, but we have you covered. Below is a list of ten Father’s Day gifts for Dad.

1. Playing with Fire

Summer is heating up, and what better gift could your father ask for besides a cookbook about meat? Playing with Fire is a cookbook written by Iron Chef Michael Symon. With over 70 recipes, your dad will be able to experiment all summer long. From amateur to grillmaster status, this is a great gift for Father’s Day.

2. Harry’s Shave Set

Shaving is something most dads do, and razors are a classic gift for Father’s Day. Why not give him something to try? Harry’s shave sets are a nice, affordable gift that will help your dad stay trimmed and groomed.

3. Fitbit

A Fitbit is a great gift for Father’s Day. Your dad can use it for any activity, and it tracks his health as well. During Father’s Day, they may also be on sale. There are also Fitbits for kids in case you want to join your dad in whatever fitness plans he has.

4. Spa Day

Blumen Dekoration mit Tulpen by Golf Resort Achental, on Flickr
Blumen Dekoration mit Tulpen” (CC BY 2.0) by Golf Resort Achental

Just like your mom, your dad also deserves a spa day. A little bit of rest and relaxation can take the stress off Dad. Get him a trip to the local spa or even let him have the day off.

5. Cologne

Cologne may be a traditional gift, but it is a gift that keeps on giving. There are plenty of different scents to choose from so check what’s out there.

6. Tickets to a Sporting Event

Baseball Stadium by tldagny, on Flickr
Baseball Stadium” (CC BY 2.0) by tldagny

Get your dad tickets to see his favorite sports team play. It can be a nice vacation for the whole family as well.  You can even throw in the jersey of his favorite player or polo of his favorite team to get him in the spirit. No matter what event you choose to attend, it will definitely be a big hit.

7. A New Pair of Jeans

Blue Delta Jeans

For Father’s Day, a new pair of jeans can be the right gift. Perfect for many different occasions, new jeans can be another gift that makes your dad feel loved. Make sure you get the right size though, and don’t be afraid to ask your mom if you don’t know. If you need help finding a pair, the folks at Blue Delta Jeans can help you out.

8. Dad’s Playbook

This book for dads features a collection of over 100 quotes from some of the greatest coaches ever. After all the advice your dad has given you over the years, you can use Father’s Day to offer him some. Disclosure: he may or may not use them against you at a later date.

9. Father’s Day Card

SNS99 by SoccerWidow1, on Flickr
SNS99” (CC BY 2.0) by SoccerWidow1

A signed card by the family and delivered to your dad on Father’s Day is always appreciated. Mix it up by drawing some pictures if you want. Maybe you’ll see your old man cry this year.

10. Best Dad Ever Mug

An oldie but a goodie, the “Best Dad Ever” is the cliche gift that stills holds charm to it. As your dad drinks from it, he’ll know the cup came from you. This is a great last minute gift for the procrastinators.

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