Top 10 Last Minute Christmas Gifts for the Master Procrastinator

December 05, 2017

It’s that time of year again. The time when we collectively decide to put off our Christmas shopping as long as possible. If you find you’ve procrastinated too much, here are a few life-saving ideas that may just keep you on the nice list this holiday season.

1. Gift a monthly subscription to, well, just about anything

A quick search for fun and unique subscription services reveals just how many options are available. Select from hundreds of companies for the perfectly curated box—from wines and coffee to hot sauces, fishing lures or even Japanese candy.

2. A Special Mug

The internet is your friend, here. There are a wide variety of funny, cool or oddly-specific mugs that will remind them of you every time they use it. From mugs that change when they heat up to mugs that stir themselves, find one that fits their personality or interests, and it’s sure to be a hit.

3. Tickets to a concert, or maybe something you can’t pull off a shelf

Sometimes the best gifts are things you can’t touch. Whether it be good seats to a game for their favorite team or planning a road trip with them, these kinds of experience-based gifts are not soon forgotten.

4. Candy. In any shape or form.

It may seem like a cop-out, but come on. No matter your age, candy is awesome. It doesn’t need to be fancy, matcha-infused, dark chocolate truffles either. Throw together a movie-theater selection, and it is sure to please every time. If you are thinking something a bit bigger, maybe gift something like a s’mores kit or chocolate fondue pot.

5. A book you have been recommending

We all have that one book we love and never gets old. Well, this just may be your chance to finally get it into your friend’s hands. Get them a hard copy or a digital version for their favorite e-reader, and if you’re lucky, they might actually read it.

6. Creative Photo Frame or Desk Decoration

Assuming you have plenty of memories to document with the recipient, framed photos are an extremely thoughtful gift. Maybe a photo ornament or a thoughtful photo book that is sure to remind them of the friendship you share each time they see it. There are quite a few online companies that will arrange your memories into a variety of creative mementos to give as gifts. If that isn’t possible, any sort of unique desk decoration serves just about the same purpose.

7. Roll up your sleeves and make something

If you’ve put it off this long, then this may just be the way to pull yourself out of this situation. There are limitless ideas for good DIY gifts online. This can be as simple as putting together a playlist for them or using your carpentry skills and crafting a unique birdhouse. Sit down and see if you can’t work up some last-minute magic.

8. Give them the gift of your time

Maybe you haven’t spent the day with this person in a while. Make a commitment to spend the day with them and plan some activities. This could be anything from helping them organize their closet or going on a hike together. You can even throw it back to the days of your childhood and present the gift in the form of a coupon book so they can cash the activities in at their will.

9. Help them upgrade their kitchen

A good set of pots and pans or a block of shiny, new knives is always a good gift. While a bit on the pricier side, good quality kitchen items will last for years.

10. Sports Memorabilia

Whether it be a jersey or something special like autographed gear, fandom creates opportunities for great gifts. It can also serve as the perfect gag gift if you are a fan of their rival team. If you chose this route, be careful, this can lead to life-long grudges.

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