Top 10 Places To Visit When You Retire

November 05, 2019

When you were young, you dreamed of seeing the world, but now that you’re retiring, those dreams are much closer to reality—and you’re better equipped to appreciate and afford them. So, with your days of savings approaching your rear view and your days of living ahead, start planning to see the places you’ve always dreamed of now.

1. Cruise to Alaska

With more and more cruise lines offering trips to the arctic north, the option of exploring the beautiful frozen seas from the comfort of a cruise liner is more accessible than ever. With activities such as dog-sledding and whale watching, these trips allow travelers to take in breathtaking sites in one of the most unique locations on earth.

2. Travel across the Blue Ridge Parkway

This spectacular 269-mile drive has been dubbed “America’s Favorite Drive” with hundreds of scenic overlooks, over 80 hiking trails, and a multitude of luxury cabins and camping sites along the way, allowing you to take in the variety of traditional music, art, and culture at your own pace.

3. Ride on the Trans-Siberian Railway

With a length of 5,772 miles, the Trans-Siberian Railway stands as the world’s longest railway, connecting Moscow with the Russian Far East. Partake in this once-in-a-lifetime experience by traveling through eight time zones and experiencing a variety of cultures spread out across the Russian countryside.

4. See the Redwoods at Muir Woods in the San Francisco Bay Area

The Bay Area has a plethora of attractions to occupy any traveler; however, among the most magnificent is to see the redwood forests right outside the city limits of San Francisco. Pack a snack and plan to stay awhile as you admire the natural beauty of this national monument.

5. Relax on the Beaches of Costa Rica

It’s a bit cliché, but taking a retirement trip to the Caribbean just makes sense. The currency exchange rate for Costa Rica is definitely helpful to the cost as well. Expect to live very comfortably on less than $1,000 a month.

6. Attend the Monaco Grand Prix

If you get a chance to see this prestigious event in person, then you ought to take it. The roar of F1 racers screaming across the beautiful beachside landscape of Monaco is something very few get to experience.

7. Rent Your Own Private Castle

Believe it or not, there are a variety of castles and manors available for nightly rental throughout the United Kingdom. Explore the English countryside all the while lodging in a historical structure that could be considered an attraction on its own.

8. See the Taj Mahal in Agra, India

As one of the seven wonders of the world, this 17th-century architectural masterpiece serves as the ultimate destination for travel gurus and light tourists alike. The magnificent structure serves as a mind-boggling testament to the human will.

9. Live Like a Colonial in Williamsburg, Virginia

Experience what life was like in the original 13 colonies in a city stuck in time. Whether it be staying in an original colonial home, or chatting with some of the founding fathers, a trip here will build your appreciation for the people who made our country possible.

10. Rediscover the Secret Civilization of Machu Picchu

It’s true. This massive secret civilization was simply stumbled upon. And now you can do the same. It was this group of people that innovated the modern roadway, and also developed an agrarian farming method some centuries ahead of its time.