Top 10 Signs You’re Ready for Summer to Be Over

August 27, 2019

Some people would be content living in a place where there’s endless summer, with its sunny days, hot temperatures, refreshingly cool drinks and homegrown produce. But for others—especially parents with kids at home—summertime definitely needs to have an end. Does that sound like you? Here are the top 10 signs you’re ready for summer to be over (already).

1. You’ve Given Up on Weeding

You were so diligent in the springtime, planting your vegetable and/or flower gardens, mulching, watering and weeding. But it wasn’t as hot then and you were happy to dig your fingers into spring-fresh soil, admiring the worms and inhaling the earthy scent. Months later, you’ve had enough with dirt under your nails and weeds that keep growing no matter how many times you seem to pull them. You’re done weeding—your garden plants will have to simply fend for themselves.

2. You’re Tired of Paying the Air Conditioning Bill

It’s affectionately known in your house as “The Thermostat Wars,” but you’re tired of freezing while your overly warm-blooded spouse keeps cranking up the air conditioning. Not only that, but the electricity bill is a LOT higher in the summer than in the winter. Is there a reason that people need to sleep under blankets even in the summer? You’re all for less A/C and sheets instead of quilts. But since that won’t happen, you’re ready for Mother Nature to turn on a little natural air conditioning so you can stop paying for the artificial kind.

3. You’ve Received Your Hundredth Mosquito Bite

You’ve tried everything—popular repellant sprays, natural oils, citronella candles—but the bugs just won’t stay away. Short of wearing netting around your entire body, you’re not even sure you can go outside anymore without risking another mosquito bite. No more iced tea on the front porch or dinners in the backyard for you—you’re tired of being a bug buffet. Bring on the cold weather!

4. You’re Already Humming Christmas Tunes

“Christmas in July” has you craving the real thing, and you just may have watched one of your favorite Christmas classics on the television last night. If you’re already mentally planning the light setup on your house as you hum Christmas tunes, and especially if you’ve already started purchasing Christmas presents and hiding them away (admit it!), you’re definitely ready for summer to be over.

5. You’ve Gone Through Your Last Pair of Earplugs

Is it noisier in the summer or does it just feel that way? Between the noise of the lawnmowers, ice cream truck jingles, fireworks outside and the kids screaming at each other inside, you’re overdue for a little peace and quiet.

6. You’ve Stopped Sweeping Up the Beach Sand

Beach days are fun, but that pesky sand gets everywhere. Each time somebody in the family comes home from the beach, it seems like they bring half of it with them. At first, you made sure to vacuum it up right away so it didn’t get tracked throughout the house. Now? Well frankly, you’re tired of it. What’s a little sand, anyway?

7. You’ve Packed Away the Swimsuit

Summer has always been about the water to you, whether pool, beach or lake. There’s just something so refreshing and invigorating about immersing yourself in cool water on a hot day. But you’ve been there and done that. You’re as tan as you want to get, and you’ve done enough swimming for a while. For you, swimsuit season is over, end of story. Bring on the fall jackets and jeans!

8. You’ve Been Craving All Things Pumpkin Spice

Seasons change, and with that, so do flavors. For a while there, you craved watermelons and strawberries, and watermelon- and strawberry-flavored everything. But you’ve had your fill and are looking forward to fall, with its plethora of pumpkin spice-flavored foods. Not to mention pumpkin pie! Mmmm…pie.

9. You’ve Started a Countdown Calendar to the First Day of School

You sincerely believe the first day of school is the most wonderful day of the year, and you made a little countdown calendar to help speed up its arrival. You simply stayed up one night and did some arts and crafts on your own, using some of the construction paper you’d bought for the kids. And some tape. And scissors. Oh, and markers. You did a great job, if you say so yourself. It’s like an Advent calendar without the toys or chocolate. But better. Because it takes you to the blessed first day of school.

10. You’ve Been Wearing Your Favorite Football Team’s Jersey

Whoohoo!! It’s nearly football time! No matter which team you root for, the end of summer brings with it the thrill of football, both college ball and the pros. The get-togethers, the little franks, the chip and dip, and the good-natured teasing about whose team is going to beat them all. Yeah, it’s a little warm out still, but you’re just going to crank up that air conditioning, pull on your football jersey and grab a pumpkin spice cookie. You’re ready for fall!

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