We Got Swagger Jacked – and We Love It!

March 23, 2018

Nearly two years ago, Renasant Bank and the Mabus Agency teamed up with recording artist Vulfpeck and its super catchy tune “Back Pocket” to advertise mobile checking deposit. It was a smash hit. From song downloads to clients actually contacting the bank asking for the artist and name of the song (Who does that?), we knew we had a memorable commercial. The simple motion graphics spot clearly shows usage of a product and hooks you with the funky beats of “put it in your pocket, in your back pocket…oh-oh-oh.” See the spot and dance along below if you’d like.

Then, we got swagger jacked. This week, the king of innovation, Apple, released their own version of an ad featuring, you guessed it, none other than “our” commercial theme song “Back Pocket” promoting the iPhone X. Now, many would say, hey, we used it first! We say, oh snap, if it’s good enough for Apple, we must be doing something right. We love Apple’s products (Apple Pay Cash with your Renasant Mastercard® debit card anyone?) and will be humble bragging about this mobile swagger jacking for a long time. And by jacking, they did raise the production value just a “little” for their spot, but hey, they’re Apple. Check out their spot below.

So to Apple, we say, thank you for putting our tune in your spot. It’s an awesome song and makes usually boring bankers feel pretty cool. We all know you’re one of the best-marketed brands in the world, and it’s nice to think that just maybe we’re one of the best-marketed bank brands as well. So anytime you want some of our swagger, just let us know.

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