Extra Savings Begin Today With Rewards Extra!

You work hard for your money—let us help you make the most of it! All Renasant Rewards Extra checking account holders enjoy the Renasant Rewards Extra mobile app and exclusive shopping, dining and traveling deals through BaZing.com!


  • Restaurants
    From casual to upscale, you’ll save up to 50% at participating restaurants around the corner and nationwide.
  • Shopping and Services
    Save up to 50% on professional services like lawn care, house cleaning, home security and more.
  • Hotels and Car Rentals
    Get a best-price guarantee whether you’re traveling across the U.S. or headed to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe or Australia.
  • Entertainment
    Enjoy your time off with discounted golf and ski trips, as well as preferred rates at movie theaters, museums, zoos and more.
  • Grocery Coupons
    Money-saving ads and deals are uploaded at BaZing.com every week!

And everything’s backed by the BaZing Guarantee!

If a participating merchant doesn’t honor a coupon, BaZing will reimburse you for the discount you should have received—up to $100! On top of that, Renasant Rewards Extra account holders receive cell phone protection plans, health savings discounts, emergency roadside assistance and more.

At Renasant, we make being extra a good thing.

Get extra and open your account now!


Participating merchants on BaZing are not sponsors of the program, are subject to change without notice, may not be available in all regions and may choose to limit deals. Members may print a coupon at www.BaZing.com to present to the merchant, or show the coupon displayed on the BaZing mobile app.

To be eligible for the Savings Network, you must be a valid Renasant Rewards Extra account holder. You must also register at www.BaZing.com or on the BaZing mobile to access coupons and deals online.

Local deals are displayed on www.BaZing.com based on the zip code you entered when you registered. Local deals are displayed on the BaZing mobile app based on your physical location.

For additional questions about Savings Network benefits, contact BaZing Customer Service at 1.855.UBAZING (1.855.822.9464) or email Customer.Service@BaZing.com.

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