September 12, 2017

In 2011, Josh West partnered with Nick Weaver to act on an idea to put local garment workers back to work together. They launched Blue Delta Jean Co., a high-end custom jean manufacturing company based out of North Mississippi. The duo grew the business from nothing to the country’s premier bespoke blue jean manufacturer, pulling from the knowledge of garment industry veterans in their community.

“We’re really reintroducing the South, and most of the U.S., back to raw denim,” Weaver said. “People bought our jeans in the beginning because it was a good story—two guys trying to start something. But now they’re re-buying because of our quality and our fit, and it’s our people that make that happen.”

The experience at Blue Delta begins by taking measurements, either in their Oxford, Mississippi, studio or with one of their many partner retailers across the country. While being measured, customers select their fit, fabric and the general look and feel of the jeans. Each customer chooses from a selection of premium raw denim sourced from around the world. The measurements are drafted into a custom pattern, which is filed away for any time the customer returns. The seamstresses cut, sew and assemble the jeans from their Mississippi, facility, taking about three hours from start to finish.

“We do a lot of athletes,” West said. “These guys and these ladies are really tall—small waist, really big thighs. They can’t find jeans that fit them and are aesthetically pleasing.”

The two credit their success to their small team of industry veterans working tirelessly to craft the perfect pair of jeans. And the quality shows as customers often return years later for slight alterations after gaining or losing a few pounds.

While the business has reached national notoriety, it still operates with a lean staff of fewer than 20 in North Mississippi.

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