October 09, 2017

At a young age,  Brandon Metcalf had a vision for what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. He wanted to combine his passion for music with his love of screen printing.

South x Sea is a joint record label and screen printing company born from Metcalf’s specific vision for his dream career. He built the company from the ground up in a warehouse in Nashville.

“So, I saw these bands I was working with buying a lot of t-shirts. And, they were paying whatever to get shirts made so they could go out and resell. Really there is nothing too fancy about it. I was like, ‘I could do that,’” said Metcalf. “[Screen printing] was a way to support the dream and the passion of creating and producing music.”


Through word of mouth, it didn’t take long for Metcalf’s screen printing venture to get off the ground. What started as a kid hand-pulling t-shirts for clients through hours of grueling work is now a warehouse filled with fully automated screen printing machines capable of printing up to 700 t-shirts an hour.

The warehouse is also home to a recording studio, which has produced a multitude of albums for artists spanning the genre spectrum. The company’s music ventures have been able to thrive with the support of the rapidly growing t-shirt business. Metcalf said the space shared by the two arms of the company serves as the ultimate creative space for him and his staff. And the creative space isn’t just for South x Sea. They make their unused space available to local artists.

“We have such great people that work so hard who have helped to take some kid in a warehouse making shirts for bands and turn it in to a real company,” Metcalf said. “I’d say my number one passion is still in music, but I found and discovered new passions along the way.”

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